CAiSE'01 Call for Papers

Software Engineering meets Information Systems Engineering

Conference Theme

Object-oriented technologies are now in widespread use in the realms of both software and information engineering. It might therefore have been envisaged that they would stimulate interaction between, and a merging of, the two communities. However, in general this has failed to be the case. The main theme of CAiSE'01 is to consider how "software engineering meets information systems engineering" in terms of design and development methodologies, models, languages and architectures. Of particular interest is to consider what the two communities can learn from each other in terms of research methods and technologies and how interaction between them can be increased.

Relevant Topics

  • Methodologies and Models for IS
  • Requirements Engineering
  • Business Process Models and Engineering
  • Metadata and Ontologies
  • Cooperative Work Support
  • Novel Database Technologies
  • Distributed, Web and Mobile Architectures
  • Object-Oriented Technologies and their Application in IS
  • XML and IS
  • Languages and Protocols for IS
  • Componentware and IS
  • System Re-Engineering
  • Modularity and Re-Usability in IS
  • Management and Processing of Large Data Sets
  • Advanced Application Domains
  • Model and System Validation and Evaluation

30 Oct 2000 : Workshop Proposals
30 Nov 2000 : Paper, Panel & Tutorial Submissions
01 Mar 2001 : Poster Descriptions

01 Dec 2000 : Workshop Acceptance
01 Feb 2000 : Paper, Panel & Tutorial Acceptance
01 Apr 2001 : Poster Acceptance